Some comments from our clients;

"We highly recommend him."

My wife and I were very, very fortunate to have Mr. Aquino handling her complicated and challenging immigration case.

His formidable knowledge of immigration law and the "ins" and "outs" of the process and all the steps along the way was very apparent from the beginning, and he kept us well-informed and updated in a timely manner.

His patience, compassion and professionalism combined to make the entire experience that much easier on us, given the great stress my wife and I were under at the time, given that we were fighting to reverse a deportation order.

The good news--besides that we had Romben on our side--was that his abilities and efforts paid off, and the case was resolved to our great relief; my wife is now a legal permanent resident in the USA, moving toward eventual citizenship. I can't recommend anyone more highly than Romben Aquino.

- Blair G, Los Angeles

"Romben won and immigration lost!"

I met Romben at a law office in New York where my husband was submitting his Naturalization papers. It was 5 months after my husband and I got married and 1 month after submitting our paperwork, that my husband bumped into an ICE team by our home and was detained by immigration because he had an open deportation warrant.

Immigration had a valid passport and an airplane ticket to deport him within the next month. I think for most immigration/deportation cases, this is as bad as it gets and in retrospect, I think everyone expected my husband to be sent back to his home country on the date of that airplane ticket.

But at the bottom of every well, there is a light and Romben made the light shine to the very bottom of the deep deep well I was trapped in. He was able to stop my husband's scheduled deportation and filed every set of paperwork possible to keep my husband in the country for our Naturalization interview.

The entire process was a touch and go situation - a roller coaster of slightly good news, and then more bad news; but Romben helped us through it all. He kept me informed of what steps he was taking to try to stop the deportation and spent the extra time to explain the law and tactics behind every strategical move. He kept me updated to every change in the case through telephone and email, and even updated me on every interaction he had with the office detaining my husband. He was always patient through my many times of panic and gave me the hope I needed to stay strong for my husband.

In the end, Romben won and Immigration lost. My husband was released after 9 months of being detained, with his green card, and in approximately 13 months, he would be able to apply for his citizenship.

Everyday my husband and I are thankful of the efforts that Romben and his team put into our case to get us where we are today. I told you our story in order to show you that Romben has the knowledge, talent, and dedication to handle the most challenging cases with success. I recommend Romben wholeheartedly. Thank you Romben!

- Nancy L., Kew Gardens, NY

"We highly recommend him."

I was applying for permanent resident status, and Romben did a great job of explaining our options, the process and what to expect, and even went with us to our interview.

We were so impressed with the time he took to make sure we felt comfortable, were informed, and had all the right documentation for our case. We highly recommend him to anyone involved in the immigration process.

- Adri-Anne

"Awesome Immigration Attorney"

I have much gratitude to Romben for ALL his dedication and hard work on my behalf.

Just when things were looking bad for my deportation case, he was the one to handle it with knowledge and resourcefulness. He provided me options on how to proceed forward with it and kept in touch with me communicating the stages and updates.

After it was reversed and we went on to the next stage, he met with my husband and myself during which he patiently clarified any questions we had prior to the interview and reviewed our documentation.

He is very clever at what he does and he does it pleasantly. Thank You Romben.


After great success with my case through Romben's help, I referred a business colleague to him. Although she had already signed up with another lawyer, she shared with me that he was so kind and gave her a consultation despite her not being a client and left his door open for her should she need more advice!

I don't know any other immigration attorney these days that would take the time of day to do this!! Romben is professional, knowledgeable, kind, patient and generous with his time and information.

Go with him as he pays attention to the details that could make a difference in a case.

- Tania C, Los Angeles

We highly recommend attorneys J Fong and Eileen Chun-Fruto. We met J Fong at a conference [in March 2002) and were immediately impressed by his knowledge of immigration issues. He gave a handout that we still have in our files that outlined the pros and cons of different visas. That kind of solid information was like a beacon in the dark for us. As a same-sex bi-national couple, we were constantly insecure about our immigration status, where we would be able to live, and how to handle our situation. The conference itself was otherwise pretty forgettable but we’re still glad we went solely because we made the connection with J and then benefited tremendously from his and Eileen’s work. Even though they were in LA and we lived in Seattle, we chose them as attorneys because they made us feel secure, like they really cared and took our situation to heart. They backed that up with clear information, timely and compassionate responses, and an ability to help us in a real way. They helped us out with a student visa and other immigration issues, eventually helping Sariya obtain a green card. [During that time, we were in Asia and J and Eileen were on top of our case as if we were in the US.] We’ve been together as a couple for ten years now but the first 8 years we were in immigration limbo. Since our situation resolved, we’ve finally been able to settle down in the US, buy a house, have a baby, and stop worrying about having to pick up and move for immigration reasons. We have tremendous confidence in J and Eileen and have no hesitation in recommending them as immigration attorneys.

- Gillian B & Sariya

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