Naturalization & Citizenship

Citizenship is the highest privilege that can be bestowed by the USCIS. Becoming a citizen allows you the opportunity to travel with a U.S. passport, vote in federal elections, and allows you to petition for your relatives.

Generally, a U.S. lawful permanent resident is eligible to apply for naturalization as a U.S. citizen after five years. You must have had good moral character and physical presence within the United States.

USCIS will re-examine your entire immigration history. Red flags in your case (any immigration violation, criminal convictions, tax problems) may not just result in denial, but with the U.S. government charging you with a deportable offense and initiating removal proceedings.

We can steer you away from the pitfalls and make sure that you get scheduled for an oath ceremony instead!

  • Application for Naturalization (N-400)
  • Medical and language waivers (N-648)
  • Appeals (N-336)
  • Derivative citizenship
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